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It’s a story about three very different friends: the robot Ku, the astronaut Che, and the parrot Riki, and their common goal: to prevent the destruction of their world and make it better with the power of creativity.

Open the box, look inside

Discover KuCheRiki

Enjoy the best materials, design and digital functions combined together

We offer a craft set for creativity based on the art of quilling. You can use it with an app that supports the responsible use of technology and teaches the player to balance the traditional and digital worlds.

Our product is environmentally friendly, meets the expectations and needs of modern society, and offers opportunities that previous educational tools could not offer.

What is our story about?

Once upon a time, in a world that had once been beautiful and full of life, a group of friends found a magic wand that could twist colorful paper strips into magical spirals. The planet suffered from disasters, wars, and destruction and was on the verge of extinction. But friends were determined to bring back the joy and beauty that once brightened their home.

With a magic wand in hand, the friends embarked on a special mission – Twist! Open! Shape! – to teach everyone the magic art of creating beautiful shapes and figures.

The colorful spirals they make bring life and vitality back to their planet.

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What is it useful for?

With detailed instructions and high-quality quilling materials, children create their figures and works of art. In addition, they can interact with the figures using digital technology. The product contains numerous ideas for creating figures that become increasingly complex. On their journey through the Paper Wonderland, children get the opportunity to design their own characters.

Main Materials

The product is a starter quilling craft kit that is supported with the App and consists of:

– high-quality designer paper (FSC designer cardboard), cut into strips (width – 3 mm, length 60 cm), which, due to its density, prevents finger cuts and has very high elasticity,

– The FSC Wooden Quilling Stick – Magic Wand works as a tool you can rely on at any time (4 mm diameter, 14 cm long, polished),

PVA glue to help fix twisted spirals (6 ml plastic tube with the possibility of multiple use and subsequent filling. Familiarization and testing),

– detailed instruction and cards with storytelling and AR

The world today is very fast, fluid, transparent and high technologic

It combines traditional and digital and collaborates across national borders, cultures, race and gender. The development of technology in all spheres of life opens up new opportunities and poses new challenges.

Parents want to see their children successful in the life and be able to adapt to modern life.


activates the brain’s synapses, increasing the ability to relaxed concentration, and improves neural and cognitive development.


based on art and creativity, helps to develop self-confidence and emotional intelligence

Childhood development

development of fine motor and tactile skills, promotes healthy development of color perception

IT technology

supports the responsible use of technology in education and life, stimulates creativity and imagination

Educators must prepare the children TODAY to face the challenges in the FUTURE with that knowledge that they got in the PAST

Sounds crasy! Today, the center of education is a person who has to discover his potential, cultivate the best in himself, and create an image of his Self. But how to achieve this?

We are driven by wishes

The bright, colorful strips of designer cardboard make you want to choose your favorite color (a subconscious process that the player cannot influence). They are twisted into spirals and assembled into shapes that later unite into funny plants, animals, or other characters.

About us

15 years of experience and testing

more than 500 workshops with children and adults

successful integration of IT technology

reports about trends of the toy market and meeting with experts

creating the figures and make your own film

workshop with students from Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden

using simple shapes playfully with the responsibility to plant trees

AR animation in the play

Rifumo digitizes analogue toys and creates thereby a bridge to the market of intelligent toys